A while ago, I wrote a blogpost on how I was planning on getting fit. Just like many others, I decided to set my mind on a “summer body”. And a lot of people were rightly disgusted by this expression. I was bombarded with comments and messages saying “You already are fit!” and “There is no such thing as a summer body.” Well, in my eyes there is. Hear me out.

It is true that a “summer body” as it is portrayed on way too many magazine covers is just plain wrong. Although tight booties and sixpacks are easy on the eyes, they shouldn’t be your end goal. When I think of a “summer body”, I think of a body capable of the things I want to be doing this summer. Activities like hiking, kayaking and swimming suck massive balls when you have had zero prep.



Now, I’d be lying if I told you that my appearance isn’t a big part of why I started working out again. I initially started because I was sick of how weak my body looked ánd felt. Even though, I had the model sizes, I dreaded appearing in a bikini. And I was a competitive swimmer for twelve years. So, that wasn’t normal.

Yes, I was stick thin. But, to all the people who were worried about me when I started exercising and counting calories: No, I do not want to lose weight. I’m simply taking care of my body and eating more consciously so it gets what it needs to carry me through everything I want to do in my young life.

Do you work towards a “summer body”? What does it entail for you?




One piece – Pull & Bear

Jeans – Pull & Bear

Shoes – Converse

Glasses – Ali Express


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Goed verwoord! Je (en ik heb het niet specifiek over jou, laat dat duidelijk zijn) mag er nog zo fit uitzien; als je spieren niet mee willen, heb je niets aan dat strakke lichaam. Bij mij mogen er wel een paar kilootjes af, maar ik streef niet per se naar een ‘summer body’. Eerder naar een body waarin ik me comfortabel voel en dat me inderdaad toelaat om te doen wat ik wil. Het Bunker Hill Monument beklimmen zónder halverwege bijna flauw te vallen, bijvoorbeeld. 😛

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